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When it comes to properly settling IRS tax problems, it's important to understand what a licensed tax attorney can bring to the table as opposed to an every-day Accountant or CPA.  When facing IRS tax problems, your personal and financial well-being is on the line, so having an experienced and results-driven tax attorney is a vital piece in achieving an ideal tax settlement.

At Pure Tax Resolution, our firm was built on licensed, knowledgeable tax attorneys getting results for our clients.  Not only working diligently to secure tax settlements, but transparent, open communication available for clients when they need us. Fort Lauderdale taxpayers, individuals or business entities, deserve professional tax help without any gimmicks.  Our in-house team of licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents are trained and licensed to represent Florida clients with the IRS, and have the power to negotiate realistic and proven tax settlements for our clients.  Facing tax problems in Fort Lauderdale?  Get the legal advantage that only a tax attorney can provide!

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Andrew Linke - Senior Tax Attorney

Our Licensed Tax Attorney Offer Unique Advantages To Fort Lauderdale Taxpayers..

Exclusive IRS Communications

When trying to negotiate a tax settlement with the IRS, you must have the ability to contact the proper channels of the IRS.  Our tax attorneys are licensed with the ABA, giving them exclusive power to contact the highest IRS authorities, giving our Fort Lauderdale clients a unique advantage in securing an ideal tax settlement.


Tax Law Expertise

Through many years of studying the U.S. tax codes and practicing in real life tax resolution cases, our team of tax attorneys have extensive knowledge of the tax laws, and apply that expertise every day for our Fort Lauderdale clients.


Customer Service & Ethics

There are a variety of tax attorney firms in Florida you can choose, but not many focus on providing the customer service and transparent communication our firm offers. As direct employees of Pure Tax Resolution, our tax attorneys are available when our clients need us, and your tax case will never be farmed out to the highest bidder.  Our firm was built on ethics and proven results, and we look forward to continuing to provide the best customer service available in Fort Lauderdale.


Flat-Rate, Transparent Fees

When dealing with IRS tax problems, it's good to know how much you will be investing in resolving your tax problems. At Pure Tax Resolution, we offer flat-rate, up front fees when you retain our tax attorney services, while many attorneys charge hourly leaving much uncertainty on how much you are spending on your tax case.

Dedicated & Results-Driven Tax Attorneys for Fort Lauderdale, FL Taxpayers

Contact our office today to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb for a free consultation. We offer flat-rate pricing, 24-hour availability, and superior customer service for our clients.

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