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If you are a Fort Lauderdale area resident facing IRS back taxes, it's important to understand the nature of your debt, and the options to settle it.  When you receive that dreaded tax bill in the mail, it's pretty common to feel panicked. Is it a serious problem? Yes, but it's important to take a deep breath and realize there are options for relief.  At Pure Tax Resolution, we have a team of licensed back taxes lawyers and tax settlement professionals that can help you find a solution. Instead of panicking, give us a call today and we can lay out your options for IRS back tax forgiveness.

Yes, the IRS is aggressive when it comes to reclaiming what is owed to them. They will continue to tack on penalties and interest, and can eventually garnish your wages or levy your assets.  However, with a licensed tax professional representing your interests with the IRS, you will not only have options to reduce and settle your tax debt, but the harrassing letters will stop, and your assets and wages will be safe from collections.

IRS back tax forgiveness Fort Lauderdale

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Convenient IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Plans...

Back Tax Filing

The foundation of any successful IRS back tax settlement we secure is achieving tax return compliance for our Fort Lauderdale taxpayers. In most typical back tax debt situations, the taxpayer has a history of unfiled, or misfiled back tax returns, leading to the origination of tax debt and penalties. At Pure Tax, we have a team of seasoned tax accounting professionals that assess your back tax return situation, and take measures to rectify your delinquent tax returns back into compliance, laying the path to pursue a back tax forgiveness program.


Installment Agreement

IRS installment plans are the simplest and most common form of back tax settlement program.  With the the help of our licensed tax attorneys, we can negotiate an affordable monthly payment agreement that will keep the IRS off your back and your assets/wages safe.  


Officer In Compromise (OIC)

An OIC is a great option for taxpayers with large sums of tax debt.  With an OIC, the IRS agrees to accept a lesser amount of tax debt in return that you engage a plan to pay off your back taxes. This is usually reserved for those with $10,000 or more of back taxes, and only a licensed tax professional like our tax attorneys can negotiate this plan in your favor.


Currently Not Collectible (CNC)

Or also called a "CNC determination", is reserved for Florida taxpayers with large sums of tax debt that don't have the financial means to pay off their tax debt. With this program, the IRS agrees to indefinitely suspend your back tax obligation until you have the means to pay them.  It's important to understand, not just anyone with tax debt can qualify for this program, you have to show that your income can't support basic living expenses AND paying your tax debt, plus other varying factors. On top of those qualifiers, you must have the assistance of a licensed back taxes lawyer that has the knowledge of these programs, and can file the proper paperwork in your favor.  If you are a local Florida taxpayer that would like more information on securing a CNC program, contact us today for a free consultation.

Solutions For Your IRS Back Taxes

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