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IRS Audit Defense for Fort Lauderdale Taxpayers


Getting hit with an IRS audit notice can be comparable to taking a relaxing snooze on the beach, only to wake up to a nasty sunburn! Many Fort Lauderdale taxpayers file their tax returns in confidence, only to be blind-sided by a notice from the IRS saying they are the target for an IRS audit. Although some audits are more severe than others, they must be taken seriously, which is why we offer Fort Lauderdale taxpayers convenient access to professional IRS audit defense and representation.

An IRS audit occurs when the IRS flags certain information on your tax return and seeks additional information from you to rectify the questionable report. Most of these audits are minimally intrusive correspondence audits, where you simply mail the necessary information the IRS has requested. More serious cases involve a field audit where the IRS may show up at your home or place of business to retrieve information directly, and intrusively. In addition, many audit notices are given as a matter of random selection.

Don't Take on an IRS Audit Alone!

Regardless of which IRS audit your facing, representing yourself should not be an option as proper IRS tax audit defense is a valuable tool to navigate the audit; though, most taxpayers do not feel comfortable disclosing certain personal information to someone they have never met. Therefore, like oranges on Florida trees, it’s important to pick the proper IRS audit defense experts. Our professional tax audit attorneys are conveniently located right here in Fort Lauderdale and are ready to assist you with your IRS audit immediately. We specialize in IRS audit representation for both businesses and individuals in the Fort Lauderdale area. The best part? Our consultations are always FREE. Contact us today and let us be your life-line for IRS tax audit defense. (954) 357-3555.