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Tim Halcomb

"Individuals and businesses in Fort Lauderdale, FL struggling with IRS tax problems now have a reliable tax resolution service that offers top-notch customer service.   As President of Pure Tax Resolution, I invite you to contact us today so we can settle your tax difficulties.  We have a knowledgeable staff of Florida tax attorneys that represent you in confidentiality, to negotiate with the IRS and give you peace of mind knowing your IRS problems will be properly settled.  Call us today at (954) 357-3555 to speak with me directly, and expect nothing but a positive experience."

~ Tim Halcomb, Founder of Fort Lauderdale Pure Tax

IRS Back Taxes Help

Taxpayers of Fort Lauderdale experiencing IRS back tax debt are in good hands. Our IRS back tax attorneys negotiate with the IRS to settle back taxes for good. Read More

Florida Tax Attorneys

Our team of Florida tax attorneys negotiate with the IRS to adovcate tax debt settlements in your favor. Whether an individual or business, our tax attorneys are on your side. Read More

Stop Wage Garnishment

IRS wage garnishment and bank levies can be stopped if you address them immediately. Our wage garnishment lawyers can stop a wage garnishment or bank levy within 24 hours. Read More

Business Tax Help

Fort Lauderdale business owners facing payroll tax, overstated deductions, or worker classification dilemmas are in good hands. Our tax attorneys can settle business tax problems. Read More

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Fort Lauderdale, FL Tax Resolution

Pompano Beach, FL Tax Resolution

Hollywood, FL Tax Resolution

Plantation, FL Tax Resolution

Pembroke Pines, FL Tax Resolution

Sunrise, FL Tax Resolution

Weston, FL Tax Resolution

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West Palm Beach Pure Tax Resolution

Are you a local taxpayer struggling with IRS back taxes and penalties?
Is the IRS sending you threatening letters?
Are your assets and wages in danger of being garnished or levied?
Are you a Florida business owner struggling with business tax problems?


Unfortunately, many individuals and businesses in the Fort Lauderdale area are answering yes to these questions. If you are one of the many Fort Lauderdale individual or business owners struggling with IRS tax debt or penalties, professional and reliable IRS tax debt resolution is right around the corner. 

Pure Tax Resolution offers a variety of IRS tax relief strategies:

Dedicated Tax Debt Attorneys

Founded by certified IRS tax attorneys, our tax resolution team represents clients across the entire state, and works diligently to settle all IRS tax problems for good. When you call us today, you will speak directly with our President, Tim Halcomb, and gain peace of mind knowing that a real, and professional advocate is on your side to negotiate with the IRS. We are dedicated to resolving your IRS back tax problems in an effective and confidential manner.

Tax Help You Can Trust, Right Here in Fort Lauderdale

Stress and frustration comes hand-in-hand when facing IRS tax debt of any kind. The good news? Finding reliable IRS back tax help in Fort Lauderdale is no longer a concern. There are many faceless IRS tax resolution companies to choose from, but none can offer the professional and customer-friendly tax help we provide for Fort Lauderdale taxpayers. Unlike other tax help firms, we take pride in working with local taxpayers in need of the personal touch for tax settlement help. We are nationally respected for our fair quotes, personalized services, and ability to connect with our clients.

We are available 24/7. Contact us today for a FREE consultation  (954) 357-3555.


Pure Tax Resolution Team

The Pure Tax Resolution team